Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kalvari Mount Idukki

Situated in the Eastern Ghats of the god’s own country, Kalvari Mount is a popular tourist destination. It is located about 5 km away from Idduki district and beautifully nestled in Kattapana-Idduki road. It is an important tourist destination in the god’s own country as the place is perfect for watching gleaming views of Idduki, Mariyapuram village, Kamakshy and Ayyappankovil. It is also known as Calvary Mount and the beauty of the place can’t be expressed in words. It is worth visiting place during your kerala tour. It is addressed in the south Indian state, kerala at the height of 3500 meters.

Being a part of Idduki district the place also holds the same historical information. As there is no clear information about Palaeolithic age, the modern history starts after the arrival of European planters entered the area of Idduki. The entire region of the district was once under the rule of Poonjar raja and he sold half of the region to the European planters. Later the planters headed towards the thick forests and slowly destroyed natural surroundings for inventing various hydro electric projects, transports, factories and other. 

It is a great place of tourist interest as mount Kalvari offers numerous tourist attractions. Mount Kalvari is well known as a picnic spot and an ideal destination for trekkers and other adventure activities. There are many nearby attraction which you can visit during mount Kalvari tour. Some of the major nearby attractions are like Hill View Park, Munnar hills, Idduki arch dam, wildlife sanctuary, waterfalls and many more. A visit to Mount Kalvari is an opportunity to experience all the nature activities and views of the surroundings. However, it gives a holiday experience of a lifetime which you will cherish in your whole life. If you are planning to make you visit to such a wonderful place in kerala, than the best time to visit is between the months of November to January. The weather remains clear and cool and perfect for adventure activities and sightseeings. Heavy woollen clothes are recommended during your visit in these seasons.

The state is well connected with all the major cities of Indian state. The destination can easily accessible by roadways, by airways and by railways. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which is about 160 km away from the spot. There are numbers of taxis available near the airport which you can take on hire. Kottayam rail station is the nearest trail station to Mount Kalvari. It is located at about 114 km far from the place. You can rent the taxis from the station and reach to your desired destination. If you are willing to make an adventurous ride than make your travel via roadways. As the spot comes under Idduki district, it is well connected with six state highways which pass through it. The state lies in the National Highway 49 and there are large numbers of buses heading towards Idduki from KSRTC. From Idduki you can take a taxi which takes you to Mount Kalvari.